A.M. Garcia is an evangelist, international speaker, and best-selling author of Coincidence or God? and Burn Notice. Aaron, a once drug trafficker, was rescued by God in the middle of a drug house after crying out to Him. Since then, his life has been miraculously transformed, creating multiple ministries that pioneered and developed street churches and reaching prisoners within their detention centers throughout the inner cities. He currently preaches in remote villages where the Gospel isn’t preached throughout India and Pakistan, planting churches, distributing Bibles, and seeing thousands come to Christ. Aaron, his wife, and three children all reside in Joplin, Missouri.

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Planting in Pakistan

Pakistan is only 1.6% Christian and is considered an unreached country. Aaron preaches the Word of God to remote villages all over Pakistan and is seeing hundreds of people give their lives to Christ. Aaron and his team have now started building and planting churches in Pakistan for the Kingdom of God, distributing Bibles to people who have no access to the Word of God. 

India For Jesus

A mainly Hindu country, India is considered unreached with it's lack of resources for churches, fellow believers, and the Word of God. Aaron travels to India annually where he shares his testimony and God's Word, touring to many different remote villages. To this date, he has seen hundreds of people come to Christ in India. 
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Not By Coincidence Ministries

Aaron is the co-founder of Not By Coincidence Ministries, a movement of ministers who circulate books into the prison system. Coincidence or God? was Aaron's first book that went on to become a best-seller. His team distributes these books to chaplains and individuals and is seeing great transformation. To this date, the ministry has circulated 500+ books into multiple prisons across the nation and is setting prisoners free. 

S.O.S. Ministries, Inc.

Aaron is the Founder of S.O.S. (Serving On-the Streets) Ministries, Inc. a nonprofit located in the heart of Joplin, Missouri. After hearing the voice of God tell Aaron to, "Get outside the four walls" him and his team hit the streets and would develop one of the first street churches in Missouri. The nonprofit still is functioning today and feeds hundreds of homeless and poor each week. Bringing the Word of God, baptizing, and serving an impoverished area. There is no question this is a movement of God.
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Washington Family Hope Center

Washington Family Hope Center is a crisis shelter housing women and children together during temporary homelessness. Miraculously, S.O.S. Ministries went on to purchase the 20,000 square foot school for one dollar. The school was then donated to Watered Garden by the nonprofit who now believes in keeping the family together during crisis and seeing lives transformed. The Hope Center is becoming, "A cry for help. A place of hope."